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PSST: Here are our juiciest secrets

How do I make an appointment?
We have a few options for you! By phone, email, instagram or online. check our contact page!

What is a booking fee?
A booking fee is a redeemable credit that can be used towards the total cost of your appointment. We do this to secure all our bookings. It is non-refundable but is transferrable if you need to change an appointment and have given us more than 48 hours notice. If you decide to rebook your appointment the fee will turn into a rolling credit. Your appointment will not be secured untill the fee is paid.
Can I have a consultation before I book?
Yes! we would love to discuss your hair goals with you!​​

We offer 15 minute consults where we make a plan, give you a quote and book you an appointment!

We also have an online form you can fill out if you are time poor, you'll find this form under our consultations tab.

Can I pay off my appointment?
We offer Salonpay and Afterpay! Salonpay is for salon only services and is helpful when wanting to save your after pay dollars.
Do you offer a guarantee?
​We pride ourselves on being highly educated and provide professional colour results by using the best products available. The Rumours are True only guarantees long lasting results when you use our recommended home care purchased from The Rumours are True. Any issues we are just a call away.​​​​​
What if I am not happy?

In the very rare chance you don’t love your service we follow the process as per our policy, stating that any problems with a service must be reported within one week of the original appointment by phone, email or in person. 


The Small Business Consumer Act states The Rumours are True will fix the service or product at no charge within the same week of the reported fault.

Why have I been quoted differently to my friend?

One of our values is to be very transparent with our pricing. Our prices are A La Carte, meaning we price our services individually and are all dependent on the services you have chosen for the day. If you would like an individual breakdown at any stage please let us know.

Where can I park?

There are various parking restrictions surrounding the salon so please be mindful.

- Parallel to Newport station on Hall street there is 4 hour parking.
- On Tait street there is a 2 hour parking limit.

- On Home road there are minimal parking restrictions (walk up Tait street to salon).

Can I bring a friend or child to my appointment?

We have limited space in the salon and don't recommend bringing another person. Children are more than welcome during the week, however, on late nights and Saturdays we don't have the space for extra bodies. Also just keep in mind, especially when we're doing colour, we can't stop our service as we would hate to compromise your ​hairs integrity. 

Should I wash my hair become I come?

​​3-4 days without washing is totally fine!

Anything longer makes it a little hard to manage.

if you have a sensitive scalp definitely make sure you don't wash your hair right before an appointment as your natural oils will protect your scalp.

Can I colour my hair while pregnant?

This one is definitely up to your own judgement!

It's a personal choice and we are happy to support you and offer you different options during your pregnancy :)

Please discuss with us when you make your appointment so we can book you correctly.

Does your colour contain ammonia?

We offer both traditional and ammonia free colour options.

I have curly hair, do I need to prep before I come?

Depending on your hair goals we may need you come with freshly washes hair with no products so we can see how your curls naturally sit. This will be discussed upon booking in so please let us know if you're wanting a curly specific cut.

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