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We have some important news for you

We are saying farewell to our lovely Lucy.

She has decided to hang up her scissors and take a career change. We are sad to see her go but so excited for her new adventure. Lucy will finish up at the end of May so make sure you pop in to say goodbye.

BUT WAIT….. THERE IS MORE With one door closing another one opens. Loz will be returning from maternity leave and opening up her column 2 days a week as of the 11th of May.

She will be working Wednesdays and Thursdays 1 - 9 pm and she is bloody excited. Please note:

She will have a different pricing structure to the rest of the team. After 17 years of hairdressing, a wealth of expert knowledge and as such an influential person in our industry we decided it was time to give her her own pricing.

We know what you're thinking, what does this mean for me? Hang tight we got you covered.

To Lucy’s clients booked for after she finishes; You will be automatically moved into Brooke, Marnie, Pam or Jessie's column if possible. We have the most diverse colour and cut histories so they will be able to look after you just as well as Lucy.

  • You are also able to move into Loz’s column but please note her price point is different.

  • If we have any troubles shuffling your appointments we will be in contact with you on Monday the 2/5.

  • If you have any questions, please email with the subject ‘Lucy’s Clients’ so we can prioritise your enquiry.

To Loz’s OG clients;


  • If you have a current booked appointment and would like to move it to Loz, please let us know in the next 48 hours. Please email with the subject ‘Loz Please’ and we will get you into her column before we open it up to new bookings. As stated above her pricing has changed, you can find it HERE or ask for a quote in your email and we can give you a rough estimate.

  • For new bookings please email with the subject ‘Loz Waitlist’ and we will be in contact on Tuesday the 3rd of May after we have sorted the existing bookings.

  • Loz will be available in online booking from the 4th of May so make sure you get in quick before she books out.

In regards to our price increase, if you would like an updated price estimate for a future booking please email with the subject ‘$$$’

As always, any more questions contact us at any time.

The Rumours are True team xx

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